and hook up with naruto as well

The Beatles want to hold your hand too, for the record. I think she has some redeeming qualities. Number 1, she’s relatively easy going and respectful. Most women from Naruto are incredibly extroverted and aggressive. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just nice to have some contrast. She spent days teaching Shino to be proficient in hand-to-hand combat. She’s decently selfless when her precious isn’t on the line, and she has a good rapport with her teammates.

Does Naruto and Hinata hook up???

Jul 13, 1 Advertisement So I’ve recently gotten back into Naruto Shippuden after putting it on hiatus for what’s probably been a few years. I’m up to the part where Naruto just finished confronting Sasuke at that bridge after Sakura attempted to kill him, specifically I’m on episode At this point I’m breezing through episodes and ended up skipping most of the last season since it mainly pertain to nostalgic filler episodes.

But I have three main questions that I’m hoping someone may be able to answer without spoilers since this has been bugging me.. Is the end of this show in sight?

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A day after the war Naruto goes to the Hyuga Residence. He needs to tell Hinata something that he should of said a long time ago. More than a kiss. Hinata was surprised that Naruto didn’t even hesitate when he kissed her. She was so shocked that she jumped away from Naruto.

Naruto marries Hinata in the manga and they have two children;boy named Bolt, and a girl named Himawari. Even though Naurto’sfirst crush was Sakura he doesn’t end up with her as most boysdon’t.

Well even though i don’t think there will be any couples at the end since Naruto isn’t really the romance type i really really hope that Narusasu will happen!!! For me it’s the best couple and the most likely to happen one!!! They are like canon,they already kissed two times accidentally but still ,Naruto chases Sasuke to bring him back to the village and it is not for Sakura because we all know what happened when Sakura lied to Naruto so he would give up on Sasuke Naruto will never give up on Sasuke,because he loves him and he is the only one that understands him and he will do anything to bring him back!!!

He even told him that they will die together so that they can finally understand each other in the after life without any hatred or fates and stuff!!! Not to mention that Sasuke is his dream and his priority,and then comes to become hokage!!!! Seriously who would go that far for a friend??? Naruto does everything to save someone that tells him on his face that he wants to kill him and the whole village!!! Who would do that???

There are so many hints of this couple and some people are blind enough to deny seeing them!!! Seriously open your eyes and see the facts!!! And please give me a better reason why you don’t like this couple other than they are both boys!!! And Sasuke,Sasuke never saw any interest in women even though girls were all around him!!!

Naruto Uzumaki’s Relationships

Next Naruto-Sakura or Naruto-Hinata? I’m just wondering why so many people like it? And do a lot of people like it because it’s cute or because they think it could happen?

Naruto’s many friends, allies, and mentors. Due to his friendly nature, tenacity, empathy, unique charisma, and his ability to change people, Naruto Uzumaki has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined him and others.

World overloaded with fun Age: Or does something weird happen and for some odd ball reason Sakura starts liking Naruto for once? Just wondering if they’re even gonna get into the subject. The boys are too busy right now in the manga, but as for Sakura and Naruto In the upcoming episodes, Team 7 will be on a roof top where Kakashi “attempts” teaching Naruto Chidori while Sakura and Sasuke watch from a distance. Sakura will thank Sasuke for saving her from Gaara, to which Sasuke denies any credit and admits that Naruto was the one who did it.

She told Sasuke to stop being so humble, that even though Naruto was strong, Gaara was [a monster, implying that only a genius like Sasuke could’ve won]. With both reluctance and admiration, Sasuke tells her that Naruto displayed power they’ve never seen before in order to save her. Much much later on Sakura attempts to stop Sasuke from leaving the village. Sasuke initially shrugs her off, but after emotional pleas from Sakura, in his kindest and most compassionate fashion, Sasuke thanks her for caring and puts her to sleep via a quick chop to the back of her neck.

Once the retreival team assembled and prepared to depart the next day, Sakura comes crying to Naruto at the last moment, begging for him to bring Sasuke back.

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Cant naruto get some other girl If you go by anime and movies, naruto has plenty to choose from to help him ‘revive his clan. If Sakura would have been around during the time naruto got his ass handed by pain, im sure she would have jumped in.

Chapter Ten. As a rule, Naruto tried to avoid the Konoha General Hospital. He’d been there several times when he was younger, usually in conjunction with one of the many ‘accidents’ he seemed to be involved in at the orphanage.

S’TarKan What if Naruto had been selected for a different team? What if he’d had a different mentor? Who would guess the consequences would be so large? He’d been there several times when he was younger, usually in conjunction with one of the many ‘accidents’ he seemed to be involved in at the orphanage. The sharp, astringent smell of the disinfectants brought back painful memories, as did the cold eyes of the nurses and doctors.

Let’s not even get started on the needles. In any event, he was more than happy to let Hinata do the talking for both of them. The receptionist’s voice was pleasant in tone, albeit somewhat formal, when she told Hinata Iruka-sensei’s room number. She still shot Naruto a rather venomous glance, but broke it off when Hinata thanked her in a clipped voice.

will naruto end up with sakura or hinata?

Can you tell the future or something? In my opinion, I think Hinata is more deserving of naruto’s love and affection more than anyone. She has silently been watching over him from the beginning and she has more faith in him than anyone else. She believe that he can become hokage when everyone had doubted, I mean how do you know that naruto will never like her in that way, you aren’t him.

A man carries a woman in his arms — one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back like a groom carrying his bride. It usually denotes or foreshadows a romantic relationship between the characters or a major difference in their physical strength or both.

But lets look at this objectively and more realistically than idealistically. Naruto is strong but he is strong because of the Kyuubi inside of him. Lets be really mean here and compare him to Hashirama. The first Hokage fought and won against Madara who had the Kyuubi alongside him and he didn’t have a tailed beast. He was powerful without a bijuu, and yes he had good intentions and a good heart, but that alone wouldn’t have been enough to convince the other kage to remain peaceful with each other’s countries even for a little while.

Naruto doesn’t have that kind of strength, his ridiculous chakra due to the kyuubi is the main thing he has going for him. Yes he has sage mode, but that isn’t enough tbh. At the same time, Naruto isn’t exactly Jounin level, even without Kyuubi he can beat any jounin level ninja, so he’s basically in a sort of void, not really good enough for hokage lets not even talk about the paperwork and authority and such that he has no experience handling but too good for jounin.

Also, its been Naruto’s dream to become the hokage since chapter 1.

Does naruto ever hook up

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Jul 16,  · Does Naruto and Hinata hook up??? Does Naruto ever get with Hinata? or do they even talk about it? does she tell him, etc. Or does something weird happen and for some odd ball reason Sakura starts liking Naruto for once?Status: Resolved.

After experiencing Naruto Uzumaki ‘s refusal to be limited by such an ideology, Neji realised his fate was what he chose it to be, and as a member of Team Guy he sought the strength necessary to make the future he wanted for his family and friends. Contents Background A young Neji before receiving his cursed seal. When the heiress of the main house, Hinata , turned three years old, Neji’s forehead was branded with the customary cursed seal by his uncle, Hiashi. For this reason, Hizashi resented that Neji was marked with a cursed seal, as he felt it bound him to a life of service to the main house when he should be destined for greater things.

His anger would often manifest subconsciously, prompting Hiashi to activate Hizashi’s cursed seal and punish him with pain, an act that traumatised Neji. Hiashi stopped and killed the Head Ninja. Hiashi was willing to do so if it meant protecting Konoha, but that in turn would give Kumo the Byakugan. Hizashi, Hiashi’s twin brother, volunteered to be his body double since his cursed seal would destroy his Byakugan at the time of his death, a fate he insisted upon over Hiashi’s protests.

Neji was too young to understand what was happening at the time, and over the years came to believe his father had been forced to die for the main house. When he graduated from the Academy at the top of his class he was added to Team Guy , where his philosophy placed him at odds with one of his teammates, Rock Lee:

Naruto Uzumaki’s Relationships

Share Naruto’s many friends, allies, and mentors. Due to his friendly nature, tenacity, empathy, unique charisma, and his ability to change people, Naruto Uzumaki has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined him and others. Contents Kurama Naruto and Kurama’s antagonistic relationship. A relationship that shaped Naruto’s character, albeit unintentionally, was with the tailed beast that was sealed within him since the day he was born, Kurama — the Nine-Tails.

Despite learning the truth of his nature during his fight with Mizuki , it was thanks to Iruka’s kindness that convinced Naruto to continue trying to gain the villagers’ acknowledgement. Kurama had an intense hatred toward humans, for they had treated the fox and its tailed beast brethren nothing more than monsters worthy of fear and disdain, as well as powerful weapons to exploit, for centuries.

Tsunade Nxruto way now, they care for does naruto ever hook up with hinata another but still argue. Moreover,sakura loves sasuke and hinata loves naruto,she even said it in the battle with pain and risked her life to protect naruto.

Some of which even had kids who now go to the Ninja School same as their parents went too. The ninjas we know and love are now all grown up, some got promoted while others now just enjoy their times being in peace. Here are a list of which character got married. She stayed by his side, now we have two amazingly cute kids, Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki. Sasuke had promised Sakura that he would eventually come back to the Leaf to see her again, from then on he most likely married Sakura Haruno and thus had a pretty cool looking child called Sarada Uchiha, a funny name indeed.

Still they got married and had a kid called Shikadai Nara. Still, he seems like a skilled yet closed individual, hehe is also part of the InoShikaCho, taking part in their parents combinations. They also had a little boy who is part of the InoShikaCho. His name is Inojin Yamanaka. However with his yellow hair, he definite stands out of the crowd.

However, somewhere along these lines they got to know each other well enough to get married and even have a child, named Chocho Akimichi. Chocho seems to have more of her mothers side compared to Choji.

Why should naruto love hinata over sakura?

Here is a very good post by chennyyeo that may answer your question about The Last – Naruto The Movie. Though Naruto tries to act tough towards Sakura Haruno, she ignores him for Sasuke. While Hinata is unsure who’s name to write, she sees Naruto making a paper plane with his paper, which leads him to be scolded by Iruka. Naruto goes on to state that he has no friends nor family, and that the world isn’t going to end.

Seeing this, Hinata happily writes Naruto’s name on her paper. Naruto turned 6-tails after Pain attacked Hinata.

Oct 19,  · Does Naruto ever end up hooking up with either Sakura or Hinata? It seems that Sakura is permanently infatuated with Sasuke STILL and that she only acknowledges Naruto as a friend.

The Last screwed up by trying to do what was essentially the mangas job to do, flesh out the pairing.. Best Answer I wish, but so far nobody in the series has hooked up other than Asuma and Kurenai. Naruto hasnt noticed yet how Hinata feels about him, but I. Well I was thinking everyone wants naruto to hook up with hinata or sakura so.

Do not compare Narutos crush for Sakura with Hinatas love for Naruto. Also, Hinata has always believed in Naruto, ever since the beginning. In a not-so-surprising development, Naruto and Hinata end up together. The final chapters of the Naruto manga arent perfect, but they do still.

Naruto confesses his love to Hinata [ENGLISH DUB]

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