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Share this article Share In his letter Abraham H. Even if done inadvertently, such a linkage perpetuates classic antisemitic stereotypes of Jews as evil and money-hungry. Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League, asked the newspaper to issue an apology for the crossword clue In Shakespeare’s play Shylock is a money lender, who when the character of Antonio defaults on his loan, demands a pound of flesh from him. The newspaper printed an apology for the clue, according to a report from The Jewish Press. The public apology, which was printed in the Sunday papers, came from managing editor Mary Elson. Elson wrote, ‘The puzzle should not have been distributed with that clue, and we apologize for the offense it caused. The issue has been discussed with the creators and editors involved, and the clue will not be used again in a Tribune Media Services crossword,’ according to a report by Arutz Sheva.

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Sam Trabucco Relative difficulty: Do the opposite of shave Worrisome sign around a campsite Word of the Day: The corners felt a little open, and thus a little tough, but on balance this thing definitely came in on the easy side. Not sure how I feel about this incrementally-adding-a-letter thing.

On this particular page you will find the solution to Good name for a dating site for lovers of natural foods? crossword clue. This clue was last seen on New York Times Crossword on May 13 In case the clue doesn’t fit or there’s something wrong please contact us!

From the Nazi espionage thrillers of the s to the campy films of the ’60s to the high-tech blockbusters of today, the spy film has always been popular with audiences worldwide. Offering a combination of exciting escapism, technological thrills, and exotic locales, the spy film fuses the action and science-fiction genres, presenting clearly-delineated heroes for audiences to root for and villains for them to hiss. James Bond is the most famous of movie spies, but films about espionage have been around for a long time and encompass more diverse styles then his slick, mostly light films.

Though there were a few World War II films involving the spy, notably in Britain, the Cold War is what really threw the genre into the mainstream. Bond, in his various incarnations, flippantly beat up on the Russians, but there were also more serious, probing works like The Spy Who Came in from the Cold which also emerged from the Cold War. Usually based on popular espionage books, the more serious of the films examined the nature of being a spy, the deception and revolving identity.

As the Cold War ended, the newest villain became world terrorism and more often than not involved the Middle East. Unlike the western and crime genres, the morally dubious “anti-hero” has never gained a firm foothold in the spy film, perhaps because of this tendency to oversimplify right and wrong.


The term meteor comes from the Greek meteoron, meaning phenomenon in the sky. It is used to describe the streak of light produced as matter in the Solar System falls into Earth’s atmosphere creating temporary incandescence resulting from atmospheric friction. A meteoroid is matter revolving around the sun or any object in interplanetary space that is too small to be called an asteroid or a comet. Even smaller particles are called micrometeoroids or cosmic dust grains, which includes any interstellar material that should happen to enter our solar system.

A meteorite is a meteoroid that reaches the surface of the Earth without being completely vaporized. Meteor’s come in a range of sizes, from dust-sized which we see as reflected sunlight in the orbital plane of the Solar System called zodiacal light to house-sized.

The 6/8/18 crossword was constructed by Caleb Madison. It is a themeless puzzle, as usual on Friday. Tiki culture is a relatively modern invention dating from the 20th century, and is the experience created in Polynesian-style restaurants. The word “Tiki” is borrowed from Polynesia. Daytime star: SOL.

Email Bio Follow February 5, Jack Johnson, born in Galveston,Texas, who became the first African-American to win the heavyweight boxing title, appears in this undated photo. Johnson was convicted by an all-white jury and wound up spending a year in prison. In December, language recommending that Johnson be pardoned was slipped into a 1, page education bill and then signed into law.

Moore said that a pardon would bring attention to the largely forgotten boxer and the racism that dogged him throughout his career. But the current champion at the time, James Jeffries, refused to fight him. Whoever won could claim the world champion title. Five years would pass before Johnson finally found a white world champion willing to fight him: The response was vehement and venomous. His romantic entanglements got him boos and death threats. Their relationship was turbulent and she committed suicide a year later.

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Angelina Jolie played Croft, and she did a very energetic job. I was a little disappointed when I had my first taste of the American version as the center is very hard and chewy. The recipe used on the other side of the Atlantic calls for a soft gooey center.

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So how do you go from friendship to relationship? If you really are friends then whatever happens, you two can communicate and weather the storm. Love is a delicate thing and building any loving relationship takes time. It can take even longer with friends, as expectations are higher and fear of losing a friend is great. A client of mine told me that she was planning to set her guy friend up with a girlfriend of hers. She told me this guy was great!

She had a few reasons, none of which I found valid. I helped script the following message which she sent to him:


I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. I loafe and invite my soul, I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass. My tongue, every atom of my blood, form’d from this soil, this air, Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same, I, now thirty-seven years old in perfect health begin, Hoping to cease not till death.

Creeds and schools in abeyance, Retiring back a while sufficed at what they are, but never forgotten, I harbor for good or bad, I permit to speak at every hazard, Nature without check with original energy.

And when it comes to solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, the old cliche does apply: practice makes perfect. I’ve read quite a few books and articles on solving crosswords. Many of them have useful information, some of it obvious, some of it not.

Discovering Spinning Tops Toy Spinning Top Stuntman Gerardo Montero at right with Friend Whether a carousel or skater’s spin , a yo-yo or top, we human beings are fascinated by things that dance before our eyes. Kristine Kainer’s – The Red Top As a group, we seem to possess an inborn attraction to circular movement, an attraction science has yet to explain. Add color and sound to that movement, and a joy, a delight, difficult to restrain emerges from whence no one seems to know. In the hands of a gifted top master such as Gerardo Montero at left , tops dance in ways that language seems incapable of describing.

Join with us now as we venture into the realm of the world’s oldest toy, a land of grace and movement. Accompany us as we witness top artistry at its finest, as Gerardo and others challenge us to climb to the very zenith of their spinning world. History of the Toy Spinning Top The Mists of Time As a child, most of us, at one time or another, have placed a stone on its edge, or an acorn on its tip, and given it a spin.

Such an idea hearkens back to the dawn of history, as our stone’s or acorn’s details disappear, and a smoother, more cylindrical shape, emerges. It was perhaps man’s first experience with illusion, with a “special effect. Therefore, it is not possible for us to declare one individual or another as the father or mother of toppery. The world of tops in all its aspects.

Archeologically speaking, tops made of clay have been found in Iraq dating from B.

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See Article History Alternative Titles: Modern maps of this kind are based on a coordinate system analogous to geographic latitude and longitude. In most cases, modern maps are compiled from photographic observations made either with Earth-based equipment or with instruments carried aboard spacecraft.

And since we care nothing about his lifetime stats, we are, of course, referring to his dating scorecard. No. 2 has hooked up with some of the brightest stars, hottest models and biggest names in.

Keep in mind that it was difficult to move cities — even during medieval times — in order to correlate the stars and cities more exactly. However, the three cities lie along a straight line that parallels a straight line drawn between the three stars associated with them. In addition, Paris and Abbeville are located roughly the same distance east of their respective stars. The naming and selection of stars which constitute a constellation is largely arbitrary.

Accordingly, stars that are not designated with a member of the Greek alphabet such as Virginis may still be included in a traditional view of Virgo while named stars such as Gienah Ghurab and Denebola might also be included in an expanded view of Virgo. In fact, the four bright stars: Arcturus, Denebola, Zubenelgenubi, and Gienah Ghurab nicely frame Virgo, and these four might have been viewed by the designers of the Northern France cathedrals to be part of the Virgo symbolism in their plans.

Obviously, the selection of cities is limited to settlements which were already established as of the 11th through the 14th centuries as places to build Gothic cathedrals. It also takes a long time to build a cathedral — the Notre-Dame of Reims took a hundred years ! Cities are also notorious in not springing forth in full bloom overnight.

Accordingly the matches between stars and cities is not always exact. And while the Catholic Church may be eager to identify Notre Dame as the mother of Jesus, there is almost no reason to assume that this was the case. The Church is also notorious for reinventing the wheel in its own peculiarly narrow focus when it comes to interpreting history and events in general.

Labyrinth Paths The labyrinth designs, meanwhile, were nothing short of prolific.

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But in centuries past, humans had to rely on shadows from the sun, the melting of a candle, or even the varying smells of incense. Here are some examples of antiquated timekeeping, including a few we probably shouldn’t bring back. While the Greeks and Romans installed them throughout cities and the elite had pocket models, more curious examples emerged later on—including a solar cannon sundial from the 19th century that would fire a small gun when the sun’s heat concentrated on a lens.

Mar 01,  · Of all the resources we publish on The Learning Network, perhaps it’s our vast collection of writing prompts that is our most widely used resource for teaching and learning with The Times.. This.

Friday 8 November Humphrys was flabbergasted — and not a little defensive. The counterintuitive claim confirmed his fear that there are those whose brains are suited to cryptic wordplay — and that he will never be among them. His suspicion is understandable. Still, the sceptic wonders: I counter, straight-faced, that cryptics are at least twice as easy as quicks.

In a cryptic, you are effectively given two clues in one. So when the Guardian setter Rufus offers “Quits flat 4 ” , you know you’re looking for a word that in one context can mean “quits” and in another “flat”. So you can call it quits and write EVEN into the grid with confidence. This is what crossword setters call a double definition. So in Guardian setter Gordius’s “Holding device for turning leaves 5 ” , the definition is at the beginning: This is the point at which the would-be solver stares forlornly at the old hand and asks: The setter tries to bend language as far as possible while still giving the solver a decent chance.

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Hotel Santa Caterina Photo By: Barts This glamorous Caribbean island boasts glitzy nightlife and glamorous sunbathing at St. Jean beach where you can rub elbows with celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce or Jessica Alba, who dock their yachts at the glistening port.

The first stars to be recognized are a group of young spinners from Enid, Oklahoma (at left). There is a problem with identification, however, and one with which ToysPeriod is .

Tai Babilonia April 17, By the time Tai was 20, she and Randy were international stars, having scored a perfect 6. But those high scores had an equally high price. From the moment Tai, the daughter of a then-Los Angeles police detective and a housewife, became a competitive skater, her life was consumed by her talent. The pair turned pro, but their grueling schedule only intensified her isolation and unhappiness; Tai began to drink and use drugs, quit skating and, finally, attempted suicide.

Only now is she beginning to understand how thoroughly the self-disciplined little girl who would get up at 5 A.

Good name for a dating site for lovers of natural foods?

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perhaps 14 “Inside Out” studio 15 Four-time Emmy winner for 48 Dating from 49 Turnpike toll basis 50 Myrmecology specimen 51 Muffin choice 54 Caustic hint to the puzzle’s theme answers Down 1 Predicament 2 Burt’s “Rent-a-Cop” co-star 3 They handle people’s possessions 4 Piper with horns 5 Crime covered by Article III of.

Parsons, Mary Elizabeth wander move or cause to move in a sinuous or circular course insist be emphatic or resolute and refuse to budge Interior Department officials insisted that they had conducted an extensive scientific inquiry before moving ahead with the spill response plan. New York Times Feb 17, a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry The knight was gallant not only in war, but in love also.

Crothers, Samuel McChord make realize the truth or validity of something But though he listened he was not convinced. Reade, Charles inspire serve as the inciting cause of His surprising performance inspired an outpouring of fan adoration that has been dubbed “Linsanity. New York Times Feb 17, skill an ability that has been acquired by training He says many new drivers are terrified of motorway driving because they do not have the skills or confidence needed.

New York Times Feb 9, financial involving fiscal matters Meanwhile, universities have raised tuition every year, putting many students in a financial bind. New York Times Feb 20, reflect show an image of Teens ranting over chores and whatnot can often reflect deeper feelings of alienation or perceived uncaring on the part of parents. BusinessWeek Feb 1, compel force somebody to do something But the flames grew too large, compelling firefighters to call off the rescue.

New York Times Feb 18, proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers Clearly he would not venture to descend while his enemy moved. Strang, Herbert territory the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a state On Friday, West Africa regional group Ecowas condemned the rebels, urging them to end hostilities and surrender all occupied territory.

Anonymous bent fixed in your purpose The business-oriented constituency of the Republican Party, Jacobs said, has been weakened by a faction bent on lowering taxes and cutting spending. Scientific American Jan 31, enter upon an activity or enterprise An autopsy has reportedly been undertaken but the results are not expected for several weeks. New York Times Feb 6, chamber a natural or artificial enclosed space “Today,” said the old man, “you must push through with me into my most solitary chamber, that we may not be disturbed.

Reade, Charles tide the periodic rise and fall of the sea level In the case of mobile connectivity, a rising tide does not lift all boats.

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