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Apr 7, 5: The bluetooth on the Garmin set up ok for us, and then we set up the bluetooth for the car. It did take both of our phones, which the Garmin then booted us off – which seems to be ok with us for now. The phone system through the center console seems to let us toggle back and forth between phones. The ipod function will not work over bluetooth, which I figure is because the bluetooth is only really good for a handsfree device, and not data transfer Thank you apple. So, my wife’s iphone will work for ipod functions when it is hooked up with the “Y” adapter. My phone does all the same things, but when I plug it in and try to use the ipod functions, the console has all of the same controls as it should it sees the “ipod” and can change music , however, it refuses to play music out of the speakers in the car. It continually plays music out of the speakers in the iphone.

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This Gauge Clear 2-Conductor Speaker Wire has polarity indication to assure proper hookup. Parts Warranty: 90 Days [ more ] Request notification Find a store near you.

Leaving that disconnected won’t affect the charging system, but you’ll want to make sure the connector doesn’t short to ground against any sheetmetal. It’s un-fused and hot at all times. The other wire from the A terminal that goes up through the harness is probably where power is coming from. To make sure, disconnect the battery negative cable first, positive second as always and test for continuity between the inside of that little plug coming off the A terminal, and the positive battery cable.

That will tell you if it ends up being connected, without having to peel back your harness. Take a quick look at the first diagram in this post, it shows a generic diagram from a Ford shop manual: My ’79 has a 2-connector pigtail hanging from the firewall near the heater box; this used to connect to the stock carburetor. One signal connects to the stator terminal of the alternator, and went to the factory choke. The other is hot-in-RUN and powered the original idle stop solenoid.

It’s also protected in the fuse panel. I use the latter of the two and I recommend you do the same. I don’t remember which color was which, but you can easily check with the engine OFF and the key in RUN and test which one has 12 volts on it.


So we talked with two of our master electricians. Some junction boxes contain wiring from multiple circuits. So even if you cut the power to the light fixture, there may still be live wires in the junction box. To be safe, check all the wires in the box with a noncontact voltage detector before you disconnect any wires. If the light glows, the wire is live.

Hi, I have a GTI enging model # Do you all recommend just mixing the oil in the gas and not worry if the oil is getting to the engine via the reservoir? Thanks, Tom.

With added high tensile strength and high strain carbon fiber twill in the rear section of the rod, the CUDA series boasts unmatched power in each and every model. The Cuda Series comes in a deep marine blue gloss color with 2 coats of super hard epoxy clear coat on the blank to protect the carbon fibers from wear and tear. High carbon twill material is co-blended with our high modulus material in the rear section of each CUDA series rod giving you a faster taper, increased line pick-up and power in each desired model.

High Modulus Hi Strain Material in a deep gloss burgundy finish, with increased hoop strength manufacturing technique reducing rod weight and increasing rod sensitivity. This exclusive technology and design by Grandt Industries Inc. Co Bonding and Special blending of materials in the rear section of the rod blank increases lifting power, hook set and control without adding weight to the rod itself. Matching custom burgundy splash reel seats were exclusively designed by Grandt Industries, Inc.

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December 25, at 6: Especially true if you had credit issues that left you with a much higher interest rate than the average borrower. Every time you buy a new home with a 30 year mortgage or refinance for 30 years, you re-start the amortization clock. But do the math, factor in closing costs to buy and closing costs to sell, and the occasional roof replacement or foundation repair, and then add in the monthly payments you made all those 20 years.

Sum it all up, and you might find that if you could have rented something modest during those 20 years you might have been able to set more money aside to invest and grow tax free in a Roth IRA.

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Likes Received Ain’t inflation a bitch? I used to install entire systems for that amount. I tried to talk my kids into insisting on a higher efficiency from the cheapo builder of their new house. Max 10 Lennox, and I consider them junk. Here is what I ran across: In spite of that, most contractors maintain that the problem is not with Goodman products, which are sometimes less expensive, but with faulty installation.

These pros say that other manufacturers, such as Trane and Bryant, establish stringent requirements for technicians who install their equipment, while Goodman will let anyone install one of their air conditioners. When these pros repair Goodman units, they often find that the problem is not defective or short-lived parts.

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Integrated Brake Controller-Message trailer disconnected Hello gents, I have read quite a few posts on the integrated brake controller but wanted to hear a little more close to my issues. First off, I have a F Srw extended cab long bed. I bought it used and I can see the previous owner was pulling a trailer also. Recently when pulling our Rv, cruising down the byway and hit a bump, the chime and message comes up saying “trailer disconnected”.

The standard 7-pin rv plug when pushed in never did seat very tight if you ask me. So,,, I had my neighbor with his Dodge truck hookup to our rv and everything worked fine with trailer brakes.

Rochester Carbs Quadrajet parts page many hard to find parts Jets chokes pulloffs rods fuel fittings.

This provision applies to the building drain, building sewer, and horizontal branch drains. Install a clean-out near the junction of the building drain and the building sewer. You may install this clean-out inside or outside the building. Make this clean out accessible at the lowest floor level inside or at grade level outside. Measure the 10 feet along the developed length of the pipe from the clean-out fitting to the building drain and sewer junction.

Install a clean-out near the base of every vertical waste or soil stack. You may install this clean-out in the vertical stack or in the horizontal drain pipe. You do not need to install a clean-out if the change in pipe direction uses two or more fittings. You may use a fixture trap such as a sink or a fixture with an integral trap such as a toilet as a clean-out if the: Note that drain pipes 3 inches and larger require a clean-out size that is larger than most fixture drains.

Install a clean-out that is the same size as the pipe served by the clean-out.

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Why aren’t you a fan of thread-lifts? Well, people will always gravitate to something that is less invasive, less expensive, shorter recovery time, presumably less painful. And, it’s all a question of value.

Dec 08,  · Wiring Accessory taps on Western Striker. Discussion in ‘Western Plows Discussion’ started by ape, Nov 30, Tags: These remote auxiliary circuits are pretty simple to hookup and you certainly don’t need to buy the OEM Western kits. it brought me to your thread .

By Brian — January 4th, at 1: Washington was a three-year starter on the DL at Boston College from to and then went into coaching. FWIW, he also gained “special teams coordinator” titles at his last two stops. There’s conflicting information about where Washington will end up; Justice reports that he’ll be the RB spot but there’s other chatter that he’ll slot in at linebackers as Partridge moves to safeties. Washington’s young, has a good reputation Tough loss for Luke Fickell and Cincinnati if it comes to fruition, very good recruiter for the Bearcats.

BC folks weren’t happy at his departure: We’ll see how the rest of the coaching staff changes shake out. Michigan has at least one more guy to add since a tenth coach has just become official, and probably a few more since there are rumors of a wholesale overhaul on the offensive side of the ball.

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Recently my friend and I bought a new house with a spa included. I contacted my electrician to change the wiring for the spa a bit. I wanted him to install a GFCI in the main panel, then a fused disconnect at the tub.

Apr 30,  · , Illinois They usually say about 36 inches from the turbo, so about 3 feet. The closer to the turbo the more accurate reading your gonna get, but you will lose life on the sensor.

The Saltwater Angler Fishing conditions: We welcome everyone a warm welcome from The Saltwater Angler! The cold front has moved past us and the flats have warmed back up some. In the following week temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70’s. With warmer temps the flats fishing will pick up and hopefully we will start seeing some of the more sought after species. Cudas this time of year are plentiful on the flats whether on fly or light spinning gear they can really make your fishing adventure memorable.

Large bait fish fly patterns moving fast is the best option to hookup with these torpedo’s of the sea. Cuda tubes on spin gear works nicely too. We have seen some Redfish tailing in shallow flats but it still remains a rarity and usually not on the game plan for the day. Snappers and Sea trout will be a good choice for anglers trying out the back country flats.

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